The institute

Calicut Press Club, the nerve centre of media activity in North Kerala, established the Institute of Communication and Journalism (ICJ) 26 years ago, to train well equipped journalists for the present day.

The institute aims to produce talented and professionally trained personnel who can straight away handle the challenging duties of modern media, confidently and competently.

ICJ follows the advanced teaching methods developed in the best journalism education programes in the world. It adapts these methods specifically to the Indian conditions and introduce certain innovations. It combines a rigorous academic curriculum with intensive practical training. It endeavors to strike a balance between education, which is about knowledge and academic capabilities, and training which is about imparting professional skills. In other words ICJ programme seeks to combine the ‘how to’ aspect of journalism with a critical and reflective ‘why’ perspective which enables the young journalist to meet with the demands in a dynamic work environment and more importantly, in a changing society.

The institute imparts to the students theoretical knowledge and practical training. At the same time the institute is keen on developing a healthy social perspective for the journalists of the upcoming generation.