Communication characterises and defines our times and directs our lives professionally and personally. It is communication that actualises the world of the day. Education as a constructive and socially responsible process, would be complete only if it streamlines the communicative potentials of the learners and enables the participants of the process to be competent, authentic and independant communicators. As an institute of communication and journalism the goal of our organization is to facilitate quality skills in journalistic and media communication among our students, so as to qualify them to be promising spokespersons of the contemporary society and world. Our goal is to brand our course participants to be trained, fine-tuned, compatible media professionals who add value to media activities of our extremely competitive times.


The vision of Institute of Communication & Journalism involves extensive and authentic training of aspiring media professionals , so as to empower them to be qualified and confident careerists of the nation and the world. The objective of the academic programme of ICJ is to bridge the divide between classroom orientation in journalism and the real-time media world. We aspire to establish a reputation for ourselves as the professional trainers of young media aspirants, who toil at instilling a sense of commitment, a respect for humanistic values, a passion for professional excellence and a dedication towards genuine social concerns of the day among our student stakeholders.